Thursday, May 15, 2008

Energy Efficiency and Hurricane Windows – Part II

As we discussed in our previous post, when purchasing windows, including hurricane windows, it is important to know about three key glass properties: the SHGC, U-Factor and VT (for term definitions, please read our previous post). Below, we would like to show you how these glass properties vary as you change the thickness and/or tint of the window glass. You will notice that we chose the 5/16-inch, clear glass as our window point of reference in terms of price. This window is our starting point, giving it a value of 1. The "Price Ref." column shows the additional price, presented as a percentage, to pay for upgrading the tint or the thickness of the glass. For your information, all of the windows in the example below are hurricane windows (i.e., impact-resistant windows).

On the table above, you notice how you can improve the SGHC by adding a tint to the window glass. It is also important to highlight that even without a tint, hurricane windows offer a significant reduction in solar radiants. For example, the 0.63 factor means that 37% of the solar heat is block by the clear glass window.

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