Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brace Yourself from the Winds of Change in Windstorm Insurance Rates

It should come as no surprise that the June 1 beginning of hurricane season has politicians, regulators and insurance providers alike making windy projections about windstorm insurance rates. Will homeowners be left spinning in the wind while rate hikes are debated?

Scientists continue to debate the impact of global warming on hurricanes. However, it appears that insurers have decided that costs will be higher. The industry is betting on more hurricanes, cutting coverage and increasing premiums in Florida. Homeowners have already taken a big hit since 2004, with increases ranging from 100 to 300% in some instances. The rationale behind projected insurance increases is complex and is not yet approved by Florida regulators.

The editors of this blog will be asking the insurance industry and individual agents about possible discounts for homeowners who install impact-resistant windows and doors. We want to know if products that can withstand flying debris and stop structural roof damage can blow the roof off rising insurance rates. Stay tuned.

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  1. do you have an opinion on brands - choosing between florida's best and pgt - any pros / cons?