Friday, July 18, 2008

Can window films stand up to wind-borne debris as often claimed?

If you think that retrofit window film installations will stand up to hurricane force winds and flying debris, think again. Misleading claims in product flyers or on websites may have confused you. It’s easy to jump to this conclusion due to false statements and the public’s experience with auto glass films – except for one important detail. Auto glass is tempered to contain glass in highway accidents, not hurricanes. Technically, the installation of home widow films doesn’t even come close to the ASME standards that are proscribed for replacement impact windows by Miami-Dade building codes. But, some recent hurricane protection promotions would lead you to think otherwise.

Among all the available options, including plywood, window film certainly has a price advantage and can provide good solar and UV protection. But what about frame strength, correct fastening within the opening and the attachment of the glass itself? Close inspection of windows installed in older homes frequently proves to be substandard. Ok, so some glass will stick to the film, but the entire installation will more than likely blow out of the wall when facing hurricane force winds.
Protect yourself from misleading promotions. If you want true hurricane protection, hold film installers to the same test standards that replacement impact window manufacturers and installers must meet.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Impact Glass Distortions: one of life’s better trade offs

Life as we know it often has trade offs or compromises. For example, you won’t find a vehicle that gets 30 miles per gallon that can pull your 3,000 lb. camper to a vacation campsite.

There is also some degree of compromise if you are in the market for impact windows to protect your home from hurricane force winds. You should know that these glass types do not always provide a crystal clear view, and are not totally free of imperfections or distortions. This is due to the fact that the heat strengthening, tempering and lamination of glass can result in some distortions or imperfections that can occur naturally during processing. For the most part these inherent problems are not aesthetically objectionable.

So, how you identify a "normal" or "expected" distorsion level versus a defective glass panel? Glass companies must adhere to precise ASTM quality standards that proscribe acceptable levels of imperfections or blemishes. Astor Windows distributes products that are highly regarded for quality of manufacture. No matter which glass type you select, we make sure that all products meet the most stringent quality standards in spite of the fact that they may have some aesthetic imperfections.

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