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Designing Structures to Provide Full Support to 3-Track Door Systems

Designing Structures to Provide Full Support to 3-Track Door Systems Impact-Resistant Sliding Glass Door
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This article is intended for design professionals who plan to specify sliding glass doors with three moving panels on three independent tracks. A three-track system allows for wide openings with unobstructed views when all panels stack on one end behind each other. It is important, though, to understand that heavy-duty, three-track configurations could measure more than 8 inches in depth. As a result, door tracks can extend beyond tie beams' and columns' depths, which presents a problem: Structural substrate must provide full support to the door tracks.

The table below provides dimensions for four sliding glass door systems rated for impact resistance and approved by Miami-Dade County. On one column we show the nominal track width, assuming NO screen rail tracks. On the other column, we present our estimated jamb or tie beam necessary depth to appropriately offer full support to the sliding glass door system.
Door System 3-Track Width
excluding screen track
Recommended Minimum
Column/Tie Beam Depth
PGT SGD770 7.140 9.5
PGT SGD780 9.323 11.5
CGI SGD150 5.921 8
CGI SGD560 8.625 11.5
Disclaimer: Astor Windows and Doors cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of these dimensions. These article has been written for illustration purposes. A formal analysis must be presented by Window/Door Contractor.

It is important that architects and structural engineers learn about these dimensions before they finalize their designs for new structures.

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