About ImpactWindows.net

The Impactful Journey of ImpactWindows.net

Welcome to ImpactWindows.net, where we journey into the world of impact-resistant windows and doors for hurricane protection. This isn't just any other blog – it's a culmination of two decades of hands-on experience in the construction industry, particularly in the sunny state of Florida where hurricanes are a force to reckon with.

My Journey

I started my career in 1992 as a fresh-faced Civil Engineering graduate, driven by the desire to build robust structures that could stand the test of time and nature. In 2003, I took a leap and became a certified general contractor, a decision that set the stage for a significant portion of my career.

For 15 years, I had the privilege of running my own window dealership in the heart of Miami, Florida. The time spent there wasn’t just about selling windows – it was about creating a shield, a protective layer, for countless families against the raging storms of nature: hurricanes.

Bridging Business with Technology

With an MBA from the esteemed University of Chicago Booth Business School tucked under my belt in 2002, I had always sought ways to integrate the latest in business strategy with the construction industry. This quest led me to the inception of xTriam.com in 2020.

xTriam wasn't just another venture; it was a technology-driven mission to empower window dealers with cutting-edge tools to amplify their profitability. We launched bpmPro, running on the global CRM leader, Salesforce. This wasn’t just another business process management tool – it was a game-changer for window dealers.

With bpmPro, dealers now had a tool tailor-made for their unique challenges, giving them the capacity to run their entire operations more efficiently than ever before. But we didn't stop there. Recognizing the rapid advancements in technology, we incorporated task automation and AI capabilities, ensuring that our partners stayed ahead of the curve in a highly competitive market.

What Can You Expect Here?

At ImpactWindows.net, you can expect:

  • Expert Insights: Leveraging 20 years of experience to provide you with nuanced, expert opinions and insights into the world of impact-resistant windows and doors.
  • Tech Updates: Learn how technology, especially bpmPro and other software, is revolutionizing the window dealership industry.
  • Industry Trends: Stay updated with the latest in the construction industry, particularly as it pertains to hurricane protection in Florida and beyond.
  • DIY Tips: Given my background, I love sharing practical advice and DIY tips for homeowners and contractors alike.

Whether you're a homeowner looking for advice on the best impact-resistant options for your home, a dealer seeking insights on leveraging technology, or just someone curious about the world of windows, doors, and construction – there's something here for everyone.

Join me on this journey as we explore, learn, and grow together in the ever-evolving realm of impact windows and doors! Welcome aboard.

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