Energy Consumption in a Typical Home

Key stats about the average energy consumption rate per home equipment or device category in the typical United States household.




March 28, 2009

Even though this blog focuses on impact-resistant windows and doors and hurricane protection, I could not help pointing out the data that I am about to present below. Since energy efficiency has become such a hot topic during the last few years (and properly so), I was wondering how, that is, in what proportion a typical house or family uses energy. Searching on the Web, I came across this data gathered by the US Department of Energy in 2007.

  1. Space Heating (28%)
  2. Small Electronic Devices & Motors (16%)
  3. Space Cooling (11%)
  4. Water Heating (11%)
  5. Lighting (11%)
  6. Refrigerators & Freezers (8%)
  7. TV, Cable & Computers (6%)
  8. Laundry & Dishes (5%)
  9. Cooking (3%)
  10. Furnance Fans (1%)

Unless you had given it some thought before, it is probable that you will be surprise that heating the house takes more than double the amount of energy that it takes to cool it off. So, I hope that this bit of information might bring some perspective or insights next time you are using your HVAC unit.

Linking this information back to our main topic of impact windows and doors is not hard. Impact windows have significantly improved insulating qualities than standard-glass (single glazed) windows and doors.

For additional information about the data above, browse on the US Department of Energy. For additional information about this topic, you can call us at 1-305-328-3198.