Using Storefront Profiles in Residential Projects in Miami

Commercial impact-resistant storefront windows are now very commonly used in the residential applications.




August 30, 2017

Storefront systems used in residential applications - Pinecrest, Florida

Some of our homeowner clients interesting in installing impact windows at their homes are surprised to find out how well storefront system profiles look in residential applications. In the past, storefront systems were used primarily in commercial projects.

Today, given the ever demanding desire for larger and larger impact window formats, especially in our local Miami market, the storefront systems provide ample square footage of single unit glass panels Miami-Dade County approved for hurricane protection when compared to thinner profiles historically utilized in residential projects. The commercial, impact-resistant fixed panels, despite designed with bulkier profiles, do not look bad at all installed in houses. In fact, the more prominent section looks more proportionate when displayed on the large format window openings. Below, I am including a picture featuring a glass wall of impact-resistant storefront systems that Astor Windows and Doors fabricated and installed in a house in Pinecrest, Florida.

As it can be seen on the above picture, the bronze frame, clear glass storefront system looks great in this hallway, allowing plenty of natural light into the house. The custom grid configuration was a homeowner's choice since we had flexibility to design the panel layout. It should be noticed that the prominent aluminum profile gives a balanced, proportionate look to the total assembly. On this particular project, the storefront systems were designed by PGT Industries and are Miami-Dade County approved for impact resistance. The storefront wall was fabricated by Astor Windows and Doors, and glazed on the site. This means that we first fabricated the aluminum grid and then installed the glass on the site (performed the glazing).

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