Using Storefront Profiles in Residential Projects in Miami

Commercial impact-resistant storefront windows are now very commonly used in the residential applications.




August 30, 2017

Storefront systems used in residential applications - Pinecrest, Florida

Homeowners often associate certain architectural elements strictly with commercial settings. However, design and function are fluid, continuously evolving to meet new trends and demands. A prime example of this evolution is the integration of storefront system profiles in residential homes.

Traditionally, these storefront systems were the hallmark of commercial projects. But times have changed, especially in bustling areas like Miami. The growing trend towards larger window formats for residential properties has led to a shift in preference. With homeowners craving vast expanses of glass to usher in natural light and offer expansive views, storefront systems are stepping into the spotlight. These systems, boasting ample square footage of single unit glass panels, are Miami-Dade County approved for hurricane protection, positioning them leagues ahead of the thinner profiles historically employed in residential endeavors.

Yes, the commercial, impact-resistant fixed panels come with bulkier profiles, but this doesn't detract from their aesthetic appeal when installed in homes. Contrary to popular belief, these prominent sections can look quite proportionate, especially when gracing large window openings.

To offer a visual treat, let's delve into a project we recently undertook. Nestled in Pinecrest, Florida, Astor Windows and Doors had the privilege of fabricating and installing a glass wall of impact-resistant storefront systems for a residential property. From the accompanying image, one can see how the bronze-framed, clear glass storefront system seamlessly complements the hallway. The flood of natural light it permits is undeniable. What's more, the custom grid configuration—chosen by the homeowner—reflects the versatility and adaptability of these systems. The robust aluminum profile imparts a balanced and harmonious appearance to the entire setup.

Behind the scenes, this particular storefront system was designed by the renowned PGT Industries, ensuring compliance with Miami-Dade County's stringent standards for impact resistance. Astor Windows and Doors took on the mantle of fabrication. Our process was meticulous—we first crafted the aluminum grid and then took to the site for glazing, meaning the glass was installed on-site.

Final Thoughts

Modern architecture is all about breaking barriers and challenging conventions. The shift from commercial-exclusive storefront systems to residential applications stands testament to this evolution. Homeowners today have the luxury of opting for these systems, combining safety, functionality, and aesthetics in one fell swoop. The future of residential design is here, and it's spectacularly glassy!