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Illustrative Video about Impact Windows and Doors

Illustrative video about how the laminated glass shutters on impact windows and doors.




December 14, 2009

For those looking for an easy explanation (with clear illustrations) of how hurricane-driven forces and wind-borne debris can significantly damage a house, the Federal Alliance for Same Homes (FLASH) organization has put together a series of great videos covering this topic. The video embedded below highlights how vulnerable window and door components are in the event of a hurricane. With great video simulations, it shows how the building envelope can be breached if window and door openings are not properly protected against the enhanced wind pressures and wind-borne debris.

The video recommends to always use products which have been tested and approved by the following standards, evaluation reports or approval systems:



ASTM E 1886

ASTM E 1996

Miami-Dade Protocols

TAS 201, TAS 202, TAS 203

You can find additional information about hurricane protection and impact windows at FLASH has more educational videos, in addition to a variety of written reports.

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