Impact Glass Distortions: one of life’s better trade offs

Acceptable distortion in laminated hurricane impact glass.




January 29, 2021

‍Life as we know it often has trade offs or compromises. For example, you won’t find a vehicle that gets 30 miles per gallon that can pull your 3,000 lb camper to a vacation campsite.

There is also some degree of compromise if you are in the market for impact windows to protect your home from hurricane force winds. You should know that these glass types (because of the lamination process) do not always provide a crystal clear view, and are not totally free of imperfections or distortions. This is due to the fact that the heat strengthening, tempering and lamination of glass can result in some distortions or imperfections that can occur naturally during processing. For the most part these inherent problems are not aesthetically objectionable.

So, how you identify a "normal" or "expected" distortion level versus a defective glass panel? Glass companies must adhere to precise ASTM quality standards that proscribe acceptable levels of imperfections or blemishes. Astor Windows distributes products that are highly regarded for quality of manufacture. No matter which glass type you select, we make sure that all products meet the most stringent quality standards in spite of the fact that they may have some aesthetic imperfections.