Product Knowledge

Impact-Resistant Door Thresholds

A video providing an explanation about door threshold heights and existing building conditions when installing impact-resistant doors.




June 30, 2017

Replacing existing swing doors for hurricane-rated, impact-resistant doors manufactured in Florida for the Florida weather conditions has its peculiarities. For example, when installing a new impact door, the new door has to come with a threshold (the aluminum assembly part that goes on the bottom of the door frame) that is at least 1.5 inches in height. For new construction projects, this might not be an issue since conditions can be worked out in advance to accommodate for the new threshold dimensions. However, when working on existing properties on what we refer to as retrofit projects, then homeowners might find surprising how tall the new threshold is in comparison to the one being replaced for.  

For those potential client out there, we have created a short video with a 3D illustration featuring a scale-sized threshold for a PGT Industries's swing door, the Series FD101 French door.