Should You Consider the Impact Windows Option?

Deciding whether to change the existing windows for hurricane impact windows.




January 25, 2021

Deciding whether to change the existing windows of a house is an important decision to make since windows have a significant influence on the ventilation, interior temperature and lighting of a house. Equally important, replacing windows is a major investment that makes a tremendous impact on the house's architectural identity. Therefore, when it is time for a window facelift, homeowners need the honest advice from a professional window company that can explain the advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives available to them. One of most important decision is to make a choice between purchasing standard-glass windows with hurricane shutters and installing impact-resistant windows that do not require shutter protection.

Cost, convenience, appearance and time commitment are the four major differentiating factors to consider when choosing between standard-glass and impact-resistant windows. With regular, standard-glass windows, the Florida Building Code demands the installation of storm panels in every house opening in order to provide for hurricane protection. The combined initial cost of purchasing and installing standard windows with shutters is less than buying and installing impact-resistant windows. However, the cost comparison can change substantially over time if we factor the time commitment for installing and uninstalling storm panels every time there is a hurricane warning, especially if mounted panels are used.

Impact windows are an excellent alternative to hurricane shutters or storm panels. When struck by flying debris during a storm, they are designed to stay in one piece, protecting the building from the devastating effects of high winds. In addition to hurricane protection, impact windows and doors provide the following important benefits:

  • Energy-efficient windows
  • Improve burglary protection
  • Insurance Premium discounts
  • Significant noise reduction 100% UV protection